watch_later 25/03/18
We are company situated in Mumbai and exporting goods to Japan via Mumbai customs. We have given bond and bank guarantee for exemption of GST. 
Now the the Japanese company has started their warehouse in Bangalore and we will have to send the material first to Bangalore. There they will check the material and from Bangalore the material will go to Japan on our Invoice.
We have registered In Bangalore customs department for this.
We want to know about following
1) How to raise the the documents for transporting material from Mumbai to Bangalore.
2) Is it necessary to bring back material to our factory and then to dispatch to Japan.
3) We want to know about whether IGST is applicable in this case?
Awaiting your feedback.
Mob No - 9892510952
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watch_later 25/03/18

GST is charged on supply of goods. You will be supplying goods from Mumbai to Bangalore, so you have to charge IGST on supply.

From Bangalore you can export goods to Japan.

You have not provided details whether Japan company have GST registration or not, second whether you have GST registration in Bangalore or not.

At current stage, it will be wise to take GST registration same warehouse for your company, you can ship goods to warehouse and post inspection export these goods.

Further Bangalore branch can take GST refund post export.


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