watch_later 12/07/17

We are providing GTA service to a listed Company. We use our own transport vehicles and also take transport vehicles from individuals of locality. What is the nature of GST liability; who is liable to pay GST on GTA service to listed Company and who is liable to GST on GTA service by individual to our Company. What is % of GST on both the services.

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watch_later 12/07/17

Whether you are a listed company or unlisted it does not make any difference. GTA is a GTA.

The one who pay you (customer) has to pay tax on RCM basis.

Let's wait for more clarification from government but as of now RCM is applicable on you.

Though registration requirement is altogether different.

I you are taking trucks on hiring from other GTA providers then it is exempted service and you are not suppose to charge any tax under RCM or normal method.


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