watch_later 19/03/22

Our favorite pizza...have we ever thought about the price rise. We may not like it...particularly kids and youth. But that is exactly what may happen if the new ruling would be implemented. Currently on pizza there is an ongoing GST. But now as per the Haryana Appellate for Advanced Ruling(AAAR), pizza is different from pizza topping and hence 18% GST would have to be levied on topping also.

GST rates applicable as of this date would be:

  1. If pizza is ordered and eaten in a restaurant, GST would be 5%
  2. If we take home delivery, GST would be 18%
  3. GST on pizza base is 12%.

On top of that, it is observed that there is a different procedure followed for topping preparation. Hence GST needs to be applicable for topping separately.

So be prepared to pay more...!

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