watch_later 23/08/17

Hi sir, 

I've a small start-up for Software development ( Mobile App, Websites) in Noida, U.P. and my mostly clients are from USA, UK and other European countries. They are paying us in US Dollars through PayPal or other similar kind of platform.

Our overseas clients doesn't reimburse any taxes to us which are payable in India, they only paid applicable taxes to their home country only. To run our small start-up we needed to accommodate their wishes.  

Please guide me that how much GST is applicable on me and how I can get any relief over it. Please also share the procedure to file return and other statuary requirements.


Ashish Anand

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watch_later 12/03/18

Your services are considered as Zero rated supplies under GST.

You have 2 options:

  • Export services by paying IGST and then claim refund
  • Export services without paying IGST by furnishing letter of undertaking

You can apply for Letter of undertaking online and keep billing your foreign clients without charging GST.


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