watch_later 25/04/18

I have a question on GST on tour Operators. i have received Rs. 400000 from the Client fas tour packages to new york and we have incurred following expenses:

1 . Travel Tickets of Rs. 200000 ( incl. GST 5)

2. Hotel in New York of Rs. 100000

3. Cab expenses in New York of Rs. 80000

4 Profit is Rs. 20000

so. what Amount i Pay for GST.

Please Give a Direction on GST on Tour Operators 

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watch_later 25/04/18

You need to pay GST on tour package amount.

You have collected Rs. 4,00,000 so you need to pay GST on this 4,00,000. You should have issued tax invoice with 4,00,000 as inclusive of tax.


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