watch_later 27/10/17


As we all know that RCM is suspended till 31.3.2018. but i am still confused whether we have to pay RCM on Transport, just few day before I have recd LR copy in which they have mentioned "GST paid by Consignee" if we have to GST under RCM pls tell on which trasnport bill we have to pay and which have to not. as if in LR this above statement is mentioned and most of the LR this Statement is not mentioned.

waiting for earliest reply.

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watch_later 02/11/17

Yes you to pay GST under RCM on GTA services. The extension up to 31 March 2018 is for purchases from unregistered suppliers and not from specifically specified suppliers.

GTA is specifically specified under RCM list. So you have to pay GST under RCM on payments made to GTA.


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