watch_later 15/10/17

Hi I am making silk thread and beds jewellery. It's a handmade jewellery and want to sell these product online so my question is As I am a housewife and I am staying in Bangalore What all documents need to registration for GST? Can I do it Online? If I do registration in GST then do I need to do registration Vat and CST?

As I am new in this business may be or may not be my yearly turnover not more then 20 lac then can I file return file for GST?

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watch_later 16/10/17

As an online seller on E-commerce platform you have to compulsory get the GST registration done regardless of turnover cross 20 lakhs or not.

VAT and CST has been discontinued. GST is the new tax law in place of them. So, you do not have to worry about VAT and CST.


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