watch_later 08/10/17

I am a blogger and have few blogs. These blogs are only source of my earnings. My annual earning from blogging profession is 15 lakhs per year.

I do not have any other income like affiliate income.

My only earnings is from Google Adsense.

I receive my full earnings in USD from Google, which is not registered in India.

Money earned from Adsense is directly deposited to my bank account. I do not give any invoice or bill to Google for Adsense income.

My doubts are:

  • Whether I have to issue an invoice to Google, if I have to issue invoice then how do I send it to Google for adsense income?
  • Whether I have to take GST registration as my only source of income is from advertisement income from Google adsense?
  • Whether I have to pay any other tax?
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watch_later 08/01/18

Here is an video I made on this topic. You can also refer to answer GST for google adsense earnings below 20 lakhs.


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