watch_later 25/02/18

Dear Sir,

I am about to start a distributorship business for which GST registration is mandatory. How can I get a GSTIN for Proprietary Concern before starting a business?

There is no MOA registration procedure available for Proprietary Concern, Shop and establishment registration also needs an already formed business and its photographs.

Please provide me proper guidance on my case and also correct me if I am wrong in any of the above regards.

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watch_later 25/02/18

Dear Sir

You can Voluntarily apply for GST Registration well before business is not started.


watch_later 26/02/18

For GST registration you do not require any other registration. You can apply for GST registration with you PAN and other id and address proofs.

You do not require Shops and Establishment registration for GST registration. You do not need MOA or any other registration.


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