watch_later 11/11/19

I just started started my business online i have my own ecommerce store i am selling products through it but i dont know which gst returns i have to file like GST1 GST2A ? i just got registration under gst so i will file nil return please let me know which returns should i file. reply soon

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watch_later 15/11/19

Hello Sir,

For every tax payer GSTR 1 & GSTR 3 B is compulsory. GSTR 2 A is purchase details which shows online.

If you want more details you can contact me on or 9677279396.

Thanks and Regards

Suresh Paramasivam

watch_later 26/11/19

Hi Sami Ji,

Every registred person has to file GSTR1 (if annual turnover exceeds Rs. 1.5 crores) and GSTR3B on monthly basis.

GSTR2A is based on GSTR1 filled by the party from whom you made purchase and it is auto populated you have to do nothing.

for further query or issue feel free to contact at +91-8587078217 (CA Gaurav Gupta)

watch_later 24/12/19
  • E-commerce suppliers: The entity who supplies goods & services through these e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce suppliers are required to file Form GSTR-1 AND GSTR- 3B and GSTR-9 is to be filed annually.


GSTR 2A is auto populated return which is purchase details.


for further query or issue feel free to contact at +91-9833862134 (Vikas Patel, Mumbai)



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