watch_later 08/10/17

I have a website, and earn from advertisements. My earnings are from Adsense and direct advertisements.

Do I need to have GST registration?

If I take registration then what will be the rate of tax on invoice raised for direct advertisements?

Whether I will get any benefit on expenses incurred by me? My annual income from advertisements is estimated at 30 lakhs per year.

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watch_later 08/10/17

You have to take GST registration if your turnover cross 20 lakhs in year. In your case since you estimate that your turnover will be more than 20 lakhs, you will have to take registration.

Rate of tax on online advertisements is 18%. Though Adsense income is zero rated supply and you will have to follow export of services rules.

Regarding direct advertisements, you will have to charge tax at 18%.

You will be able to claim input credit of tax. Input tax credit is the tax you paid on expenses incurred to run your business.


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