watch_later 19/08/17

GST portal is going down every minute today. Government released GST but GOI itself is not ready with it.

Government has all privileges but tax payers need to pay interest and penalty for not able to file on time.

Very bad. Server is down so site is down.

What should be done to open the GST site?

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watch_later 19/08/17

Yes even I am not able to login to site.

As usual Infosys + GSTN.

Right now government should suspend the Infosys from this job. Infosys is also managing MCA website which is another horrible dream to use.

watch_later 20/04/18

This discussion was opened seven months ago and even today GST website is suffering same fate.

They charge late filing fee for taxpayers, will they pay us for harassment.

watch_later 14/07/18

An Update: KnowyourGST services such as GST number verification and bulk search or API will not work when GST server is down.


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