watch_later 16/08/18

I am renting a room of my house through Now is asking me to pay GST on the house rent I am getting. I am not charging any GST from the guests but just the rent. It is because of the Terms and Conditions of that they do not collect the rent from the guests. My rent is such per day that even if it is occupied for 1 year it will never attract a value more than 20 lakhs. 

So in this scenario, should I register  or should I pay a GST?

And if I pay, how do I get the return?

Thanking you and my warm regards.

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watch_later 19/08/18

Unless you provide details of complete terms and condition it is difficult to arrive on a conclusion.

Here you should consider whether is merely an agent booking on your behalf or pay you rent fixed each month.

As you are using your premises commercially, GST is to be paid. However you need to consider limit of Rs. 20 lakhs in a year for GST registration.

Further if arrangement is not that of agent then GST is to be paid by

Providing a little more details of full transaction cycle will help answer the question with complete solution from different angles.


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