watch_later 13/07/23 has launched a tool, this tool will help to manage your GST numbers.

This tool can be used for keeping a record of your all GST numbers and track whether different GST returns are filed for each GST number.

For instance, suppose you are a tax consultant and have 100 clients. How do you track whether returns are filed for each GST number or not? The best way is to check to login for each client and check, but this takes lot of time. With this tool, you can store all your GST numbers and in a single click details will be retrieved for each GST number from GST website. You can treat this tool as your client management tool.

GSTIN MANAGEMENT TOOL is useful tool for Tax heads of companies, they can track whether returns are being filed on time for each location/registration.

Please do use the GSTIN management tool, and give your feedback.

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watch_later 15/07/23

GST Return bulk verification tool is superb. I file returns for many clients and tracking is time consuming. I update excel file if a return is filed. But to keep excel file updated is time consuming and if someone forget to update excel file, tracking goes horrible.

I have started using it and first impression is great.

watch_later 15/07/23

We have 2 products for GST returns bulk verification. One is using the tool on site itself and another is to use API.

GST return bulk verification tool is for accountants and tax practitioners. They can upload GST numbers and start tracking whether returns are filed or not.

GST Return API is for those who wish to connect their system directly to check return status.


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