watch_later 10/10/17

Today is the last day to file GSTR-1 for month of July 2017.

Government had already extended the dates by a month and now has no intention to extend due dates.

Have you file your return GSTR-1?

Remember if GSTR-1 is not filed today, then you might have to pay late filing fee of Rs. 4,200.

How was your experience filing the returns? Share your insights.

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watch_later 10/10/17

Filed on time. Though still doing it for few clients, who have habit of giving data on last date.

Lets see GST system supports full day.

watch_later 10/10/17

Filed, no penalty. This is really wrong. Government should abolish late filing fee and penalties for first 6 months.

Government portal itself is not ready and they pay nothing to tax payers, but if tax payers are confused and delay in filing any return or payment of tax government is charging huge fee.


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