watch_later 09/09/17

Government has again extended the due date of filing GSTR-1 for month of July 2017 to 10/10/2017.

What are your opinion on this?

  • When tax payers delay, they have to pay fines.
  • Now government is wasting our time with faulty servers and website. Should not government pay penalty to each and every tax payers?
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watch_later 09/09/17

Is it real?

I am not going to vote for Mr. Modi if government imposes any penalty for first 3 months.

watch_later 09/09/17

Practical difficulties are they can totally abolish both penalty and interest for July and August 2017

watch_later 09/09/17

We are unable to edit GSTR1 in offline mode, no guidelines in web or any helcpcentrel to fix this issue,How to submit with wrong data as the last date is 10

watch_later 09/09/17

This is a joke government playing with us all.

Whole day wasted in filing one return without any result. JSON error, and god knows what all errors.

Not able to fix DSC issue.

Thanks to this website we are getting some solution.

watch_later 09/09/17

A summary of GSTR returns for July and August by Manoj Agarwal, who writes in name of GSTSATHI. Follow him if you are not done yet.

GSTR1 for July- 10th oct

GSTR3B now to be filed till December month for collecting Payments. No extention of dates for 3B.

GSTR2 for July- 31st Oct
GSTR3 for July- 10th Nov

No Schedule now for GSTR 1, 2 & 3 for August onwards. To be announced later.

TRAN 1 extended upto 31/10/17. TRAN 1 filed earlier can be revised.

Manoj Agarwal GSTsathi


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