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We forgot  to enter one invoice (Sales - outward) in GSTR 1 for the month of july 17.  The counter party entered the same.  While filing the GSTR 1 , an error occurred  in status -  error in submission.    i.e   no action taken on bill no.  xxx  . what is the procedure to add missing invoice. Without filing of july, further months returns are not accepting.  

What action can i take.  please suggest me

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watch_later 28/12/17

If counter party has entered, you need to accept or reject that invoice in GSTR-1A. This could be one of issue.

Have you filed July month return?

If not then you cannot file GSTR-1 for August month.

In any case you need to check GSTR-1A if error is because of any pending entry or if this is a technical glitch need to contact GST helpdesk.

watch_later 28/12/17

I am not getting GSTR1 A in dashboard. Only three screens GSTR 1, GSTR 2A and GSTR 3B are appearing in Dashboard.  Earlier I found GSTR 1 A.  

July month it is not accepting submission. How can I file July.  

Without July filling , I cannot file Aug, Sept Oct Nov .




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