watch_later 05/03/18

Dear Sir,


We are filing Table 6A of GSTR-1 for the month of January-18, but facing problem in manually altering amount of IGST.


We had exported under IGST Payment. In the Shipping bill and Invoice, amount of IGST is rounded off to the nearest one. We were accordingly entering IGST amount in 6A by manually amending the amount as mentioned in the Invoice and Shipping bill, so that it do not generate error for IGST refund.


But when we are filing 6A for January, manual amendment is disabled. The IGST amount as per GSTR and shipping bill may be different due to rounding off.


Please advise what to do, If we file GSTR1 without rounding off amount of IGST, it will be not match with IGST amount of Shipping will (in terms of rounding off) and same will be rejected due to error for IGST Refund.


We have not received our earlier filed IGST refund and this will add more problems.


Kindly advise.




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