watch_later 15/01/18

Hello Sir,

There seems to be some confusion with the GSTR-2 form. Here is my understanding (later I will ask the question)

GSTR 2A - information will flow from counter party invoices submitted (from their GSTR1)

I am a receiver of the supplies need to approve this. Correct?

This is where I have to go to GSTR-2.

I have some credit in my July 2017 GSTR-2A however the system is giving me error as follows

Error when trying to file for July

“ Error! GSTR-2 File is not allowed for current date, Please visit GST Portal for details on GSTR-2 timelines”

I recently opted for quarterly filing and for the other months the following error is occuring while trying to approve the invoices

"GSTR-2 Save/Action on Counterparty Invoices is not allowed for current date, Please visit GST Portal for details on GSTR-2 timelines."


Can you kindly help in understanding how I need to go about this?

Raju madhavan

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watch_later 15/01/18

Hi Sir,

GSTR-2 filing is deferred till March 2018 and system is not opened for filing this form.

There are 2 reasons, you are not able to file the return:

  1. GSTR-2 is deferred till March 2018, you will be able to file post March. So, there is nothing to worry if you are not able to file it as it is not mandatory.
  2. GST website and its servers are not capable of handling traffic. People are not even able to file GSTR-1 because of multiple errors and GSTN has disabled filing GSTR-2.

You need not to worry. You can file in April.


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