watch_later 14/11/17

I have purchased exempted goods from one of my supplier in July 17 on various dates and the total number of  invoices is 7.

Out of 7 invoices, only one invoice is reflected in my GSTR 2 and that too, I could not take any action on it viz.  Accepting, Rejecting, Pending. The status is displayed as " No "

When I enquired with my supplier, he told that, he has submitted the GSTR 1 but not filed it.

Now, shall I mention all the 7  invoices in my  GSTR 2  or  leave the one, which has already been mentioned by them and list the remaining 6 invoices alone?

If I leave that one invoice, will it get updated later on, when they file their GSTR 1 subsequently ?

Finally,  how will my  purchase be reflected in GSTR3  for July as far as this particular dealer's supply is concerned ?

Kindly  advice.


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