watch_later 02/03/18


In GSTR 2, after generating the summary, when we try to "Accept"  the suppliers'  invoices, we are getting the following  error message.

" GSTR-2 Save/Action on Counterparty Invoices is not allowed for current date, Please visit GST Portal for details on GSTR-2 timelines. "

We can neither  send missing  details for  those invoices from our suppliers, which are not reflected in the GSTR 2.

Is this the case for  all the  tax payers ? If yes, when will this be sorted out ? If No, what shall we do to overcome this issue?

Please advice.

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watch_later 02/03/18

GSTR-2 is deferred till March 2018, and that could be the reason.

I don't think GSTR-2 filing is open as of now. You can check data as to who has uploaded invoices, but cannot file return now.

Try after March 2018.


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