watch_later 23/09/17

As per the latest changes, now you can edit the return of July month and file it.


Below advisory is for those taxpayers only who have submitted the GSTR-3B but not filed as they were unable to offset the liability :

GSTN have re-enabled the submit button of your GSTR-3B application for July’2017 in case you have not done set-off. If so, the Submit and Save button will be enabled. Please verify and perform the below mentioned steps for re-submission and filing: -

1) Confirm button in each section should be enabled and you should be able to edit the data and save again.

2) Once the save is successful, submit the form again and verify both Liability and ITC ledgers are populated with updated data.

3) Offset the liability in Table 6 – Payment of Tax

4) File the GSTR3B

Credit Manoj Agarwal #GSTSATHI

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watch_later 23/09/17

Since there were no penalties for month of July, those who submitted but did not file the return can now edit the return and file it correctly.

watch_later 23/09/17

Good option for those who missed it earlier or submitted wrong return.

I believe this is a good chance to edit and correct the mistakes.

watch_later 23/09/17

Still the modification option is not available after the 18 hours of the tweet by GST tech. 


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