watch_later 21/10/18

The due date to file GST return 3B and avail input credit for 2017-18 has been extended to October 25, 2018.

Notification is awaited.

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watch_later 21/10/18

What a failure this government has been.

Arun Jaitley the looser is sleeping tightly. I voted for Modi government, but its enough now. Need to teach a lesson to this government.

Life of professionals is ruined, no festivals for us.

Modiji doing Man ki Baat and nothing else.

How long they take to propose a decision. GSTN servers are down every time and tax payers have the right to file returns on last moment of due date.

This extension of due date was required much earlier and date should have been at 31 December. People are not filing GSTR-1 and tax payers are afraid to take input credit without GSTR-2 data as you never know what announcement government may make later.

GST officers (earlier vat officers) are harassing people and already sending notices for mismatch, even when due date for GSTR-1 is extended and only 77% people have filed GSTR-1 for 2017-18.

yes, he is screwed up our life, initially he was torched normal people life with demonstration and bank minimum balance, now he has started to spoil normal business and professionals life, we have not celebrated our national and local festivals for past one year due to their inability, they have appointed infosys to take care the GST with huge development charges but the infosys people not familiar in this matter due to this we have lost out entire business and peaceful life, i have voted BJP for better governance but they proved their incapability with Mr. arun jaitely knowledge


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