watch_later 19/03/18

Hello Sir,

while filling the GSTR3B for the month of Feb-18 my systems restart due to power problem

when i login to the portal to file the GSTR3B the screen shows submitted. after that i cont able to fill any thing in the field. Now what should i do to proceed further to file the GSTR3B.

Bhoovaraghavan. Balaji

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watch_later 20/03/18

you may raise grievance complaint in portal with describe your problem

watch_later 19/03/18

If return is already submitted, you cannot do anything. Reset option is not available.

I know it is very difficult situation.

GST portal do behave like a dictator for its own fault.

But you need to file return as it is. Pay taxes correctly and correct mistakes in next month return.

watch_later 20/03/18

Yes, reset option has now removed. Pay tax with interest in next month GSTR-3B.


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