watch_later 21/04/18

Hello sir. As i have said u in earlier questions that i have filed my gstr 3b of the month of january and jt was a refund of 9307 to me while filing the gstr 1 of that particulars .Misfortunately i have filed it as gstr 3b of february month and now it had become a double refund of 9307 and now the total input is 18614. But the correct detail of february month was that i should make a payement of 10114 but i showed it as a refund as there is no option in revise retru i have correctly entered in gstr 1 as to do the payement of it in next month with penalty. But while filing gstr 3b of the march month i have to make payement of 194 and the balance of february. I have reversed the amount in itc but is showing the balance. If i do the payement of 19614 of both cgst and sgst its acceptable. So how could i do it sir can u please calculate & say me and in the format of gstr 3b no penalty is shown .So please help me out of it as the date has been over till today.. 

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