watch_later 14/08/17

01. "Failed to establish connection to the server. Kindly restart the Emsigner" - this problem exists even if I use Internet Explorer or Firefox as browser. Looks like - It is not a browser compatibility problem.

Restarting emsigner with "Run as Administrator" does  not help. There is no way that I can change the port no.

 With the same machine, Same DSC, I was able to sign and register - then why I should not be able to submit GSTR3B ?

Who will help now when time is not there ? The Feedback on the GST site - does not work - always say - "Invalid Character entered" - even if only text and no special character entered.

02. IN GSTR1 screen - the button to Submit or Sign are not enabled as yet.

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watch_later 19/08/17

Sir, I could file GSTR3B on Internet Explorer. Please try the latest version of IE



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