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Pls. tell us what to do in the following  three scenario. 

F Y 2017 - 18  -  Status  -  Regular.

Case 1 -  Input credits found in our  GSTR 2A, which do not belong to us. 

Case 2 -  Our genuine purchases not reflected in our GSTR 2A, containing Input credits.

Case 3 -  Input credits from our bankers, which has not been taken into account in monthly GSTR 3B by us.

As we have to file GSTR 9, how to solve the above issues.

Pls.  advice.

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watch_later 01/05/19

Case 1 - If input does not belong to you in GSTR-2A then do not claim it. Reverse this much input in GSTR-9.

Case 2 - You need to ask your supplier to file his GSTR-1 to get correct input reflected in GSTR-2A and GSTR-9.

Case 3 - Claim the input in GSTR-3B and also GSTR-9.

I will suggest to calculate total input that should be availed and compare with appearing in GSTR-9. Any difference should be reversed or added in GSTR-9.


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