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We have following 2 issues in filing GSTR 9.

1. We have not claimed an ITC ( Integrated Tax ) of Rs. 1000/- in our 3B pertaining to the FY 2017 - 18. But, the same has been claimed by us through 3B filed in the FY 2018 - 19. However, this amount has been reflected in our GSTR 2A for the FY 2017 - 18 itslef. 

As such, should we mention this amount of Rs. 1,000/- in Table 8 -C as well as in Table 13 ? Is it correct or what is the correct proceedure ?

2. In GSTR 9, Table 8-A, the auto populated figures under CGST and SGST are not tallying with that of 8-B. The values in 8 - A is less than that of 8 -B.

But, when we check the individual entries in GSTR 2A for the FY 2017 - 18 with our records, we do not find any missing entries between them. Moreover, the Total value of the extract of GSTR 2A is tallying with our records. Then, why there is a difference between the Auto populated figures in Table 8 -A and the total of GSTR 2A ? Is this possible and how to over come this issue.

Kindly advice.

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