watch_later 03/06/18

Hi Pulkit Sharma

I am Raju Khatri, Chartered Accountant.

Let me congratulate on your api skills and the well explained website.

I am interested in extracting the data pertaining to GSTR2A in excel directly from the clients data along with their Vendor Name.

Currently when we import JSON file, we don't get the vendor name. Hence i was searching for a tool to import the Vendor name against the GST Number.

Can you assist me on this. I am not using this for commercial purpose, its purely for self learning.




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watch_later 04/06/18

I am working on API for GST returns. However this was halted as there is no surety that current return formats will continue.

In recent council meeting it was decided to change return format and also 3 returns will be replaced with a single return.

Any how you are already able to extract data of GSTR2, you can try bulk GST number search tool to get details of GST numbers and then replace GST number with name in GSTR2 data.

However, there is no plan as of now to provide this facility as return formats are going to change.

Once new returns are available, those facilities will be available on KnowyourGST.

Currently E-way bill is under progress.


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