watch_later 07/07/17

A client had multiple business in same state. One is manufacturing and other is wholesale business.. And both business products are totally unrelated. The accountant of the client had registered on the business successfully but unable to register the second business as it's showing "pan had already used " how can we overcome the issue and register the two concerns separately under gst. 

Thank you. 

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watch_later 08/07/17

You can use same registration for running both business. However if you wish to have separate registration for each vertical, then you need to register separately for both.

Since you have already registered or migrated once. You need to apply for fresh registration for another business.

You can apply for registration, but for each registration E-mail, and contact details should be unique.

At the time of filing initial application, provide different E-mail and contact numbers compared to registered application.

The combination of registered e-mail ID and Mobile Number of each registered business entity should be unique. You cannot use same email and mobile combination for the same PAN but different business verticals. You have to change at least one of the two


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