watch_later 12/10/18

Thanks to Manoj Agarwal, who runs legal firm with name GSTSathi.

We are here with an update.

Update: TAR & ITR due date extension expected again!!*

Today, Gauhati High Court heard the writ petition filed by us and instructed CBDT to consider the representation filed by TBA for extension of due date upto 31st Jan, 2019 and dispose off the representation filed by TBA to that effect on or before 25th Oct, 2018 by way of a speaking order.

The court has also elaborately discussed the problems to be faced by the assesses and accountants in case the date is not extended as requested vide the said representation.

The Court has also given liberty to the petitioner to file a petition again if the disposal of representation of TBA for extension of date till 31.01.2019 by CBDT is not proper and reasonable.

Adv. Medha Lila Gope, Guwahati appeared on behalf of the Tax Bar Association.

There is high chance that tax audit due date will be extended.

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watch_later 12/10/18

Yes Gauhati high court has ruled that CBDT should consider tax audit due date extension due to issues faced by tax consultants and tax payers.

We all know what is the situation and why an extension is required.

Its high time that this government listen to us.

It is first year of GST and a lot has to be done on GST part too.

Consultants are not able to concentrate on a single thing and their health is on stack.


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