watch_later 29/03/21


It Assess itr filed in-time in f.y.19-20.but recently mobile sms message received from it department for high value transactions.

Details mentioned below in f.y.19-20.

Interest sb from 3 different banks Rs:30,000/-

2.interst from debtor Rs:1,00,000/-

total rs:1,30,000/-.

If above mentioned interest income already  show in it returns under other sources of income head in f.y.19-20.


Assess how to proceed further.

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watch_later 31/03/21

If you have already disclosed all income in ITR and yet received compliance intimation, then follow below process.

Check total amount shown on compliance portal. Sometime Interest amount is reflected twice, once with pan and once with TAN. In this case select duplicate option and select pan amounts.

Rest all approve as correct.

Intimation comes because you might have shown interest under business income, show it under other sources. You need to revise return in this case.


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