watch_later 24/02/18

In the application (invoice), we are able to see the Invoice List, BoS List but is it possible to see the Ledger List also.

Also is it possible for you to auto create certain important Ledgers which will be quite helpful for the people without the Accounts knowledge.

I am running my own business but it is quite daunting for me to understand certain things (which are easy for a CA) like payments made to the vendors should be put into which ledger, and to whom to credit and to which account to debit.

In this regard, I have been researching about Accounting software and found out that your software does not require the people to have the Accounting knowledge but business process knowledge is sufficient (congratulations on this aspect as other popular packages expect you to have accounting knowledge to use the software - for a normal person without accounts knowledge it is very difficult)

After using your software for some time, I am not able to browse the ledger list, can you please let me know.


Ravi Kumar Tenneti

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watch_later 24/02/18

Thank you for appreciating efforts.

This is not an accounting application as of now. Day by day new things are being added and by March it should become a full accounting application.

Well, the application was launched for generating invoices and all other options were added later.

I have taken care that whether you know accounting or not, you should be able to use this billing software.

Now coming to your question, list of ledgers is not available as of now and will be made available soon. Reason till now I have not coded this is that, I don't think we need to edit ledger as it has only name and no other information which could change later.

Again, auto creating ledger also seems a bad idea as of now (it will scare non accounting people, more options more confusion). But once this application becomes full fledged accounting software these things will be added.

But again I believe that with Sales and purchase options available one can do 100% accounting in this.

For example, I have only 2 ledgers and I am using it for my office. I have Bank account and TDS receivable. All other things can be directly handled through sales and purchase invoices.

Payments and receipts are booked through this ledger.

I have taken note of recommendation and will suggest to provide more inputs, being a person from non accounting field you can suggest more ideas to make it more user friendly.

Thank you.


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