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Hi knowyourgst team,

Paypal and other payment gateways are asking to enter GSTIN for freelancers,bloggers. Can you Please guide steps to apply for GSTIN especially for website owners who get money only via online transactions and total exceeds 20 lakhs in a year? Also should we register just when we started to earn more than 20 lakh yearly, or is it mandatory for all online bloggers and freelancers. i searched a lot in internet, all the data is confusing me so much. No information seems to be to the point. So, Please clarify.

Thanks in advance

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watch_later 14/11/17

Pulkit Sharma,

I have been searching a lot  over internet for exact procedure since 2 weeks. Thank you very much for detailed and to the point answer. 



watch_later 04/11/17

There are 2 points when it come to GST registration.

First point, GST registration mandatory by GST law.

Second point, GST registration mandatory by individual companies to register vendors.

GST registration under law is required in case your turnover exceeds 20 lakhs (10 lakhs in special states) and also if you are an online seller on E-commerce platforms.

Big companies are avoiding dealing with those who are not registered under GST. So to deal with them you need registration, though not liable to registration under law but companies have policies that they will not interact with non registered dealers. They have their own logical reasons.

Since you are dealing with E-commerce operators you have to register under GST.

Process for GST registration is simple and straight forward. You do not have to visit any department. To register under GST:

  1. Go to GST website.
  2. Click on New registration.
  3. Fill the details.
  4. You will receive OTP on mobile and email.
  5. Login with OTP and TRN.
  6. Fill the application and attach the required documents.
  7. Once application is approved you will get GST registration certificate and permanent GST number.

I have written an article on GST registration, you can read that for each step and legal laws behind registration requirements.


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