watch_later 22/08/18

Invoice for Products purchased thru flipkart have just seller's name and its shipping address. and it does not contain seller's contact details like : Tel. No., Email Id, Website etc. And when you ask flipkart, they also refuse to provide this details. They are not even asking buyer's gst no. while making purchase. So unethical, unfair and illegal way of doing business

How to force Flipkart & their Vendors to print gst no. in invoice, and treat invoice as b2b and upload proper data to gst website ?

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watch_later 08/09/18

Unfortunately, Flipkart and Amazon as default issues B2C Invoices, as 99% of the sales through those are from individual consumers. So you are not eligible for ITC.

I would not call it unethical. You may think this as your local supermarket store like More, Big Bazar where you do not get B2B invoices across the counters.

Sensing the growing requirement of B2B invoices, Amazon has started B2B services, where you need to register yourselves, and then you can purchase items and you will be issued invoices with your GSTIN mentioned, to avail ITC


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