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What is the procedure to become a director in a private limited company?

My friends registered a private limited company and now want me to become director in their company, they are offering shares also to become director.

What documents are required to become director in pvt ltd company?

What is the procedure to become director?

What will be the cost?

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watch_later 19/12/17

Procedure to become director in a private limited company

  • Purchase a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Obtain a Director identification number (DIN)
  • You need DSC to get DIN
  • To get DIN file form DIR-3 which can be downloaded from MCA site
  • You will need documents such as id proof and address proof along with a photo
  • Form needs to be signed with DSC and also certified by CA/CS...
  • Once form is uploaded fee needs to be paid at MCA website
  • After form approval your DIN will be generated
  • Provide DIN to company, company can now appoint you director in Board meeting or general meeting.

Cost to become director depends on professional who does filing and certification for you.


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