watch_later 01/06/18

We need to cancel  the GST registration due to closure of business.

We have submitted the GSTR 3B abd GSTR1 promptly upto April 18.

Now, we have to file return for May 18 ( NIL  Return ) and cancel the GST registration.

But, we have some ITC credit.  How  can we get the refund.  What is the proceedure to

claim the refund amount.

Please advice.

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watch_later 06/06/18

You need to final return before cancelling your registration.

As per provision of GST, refund is allowed only if it is accumulated because of variance in tax rate.

There is no update from your end, how you accumulated Input credit?

watch_later 11/06/18

Out of the total input credit available, a major portion is through our purchase bills from suppliers while the balance amount is availed from GST paid for non-trading purchases. Further, should we file Form 9 - Annual return also before applying for Cancellation ?


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