watch_later 01/05/19

I am looking to find GST number of a company. I have CIN (Corporate Identification Number) of company. How can I find GST number of company with CIN if possible?

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watch_later 01/05/19

You can find GST number of a company by its name. It is vert easy process. Since you have CIN number of company, you must have the name of company also.

You can use GSTIN verification with name tool of KnowyourGST to find GST details by using name of the company.

If you have only CIN and not company name then first find the name of company on MCA website.

watch_later 04/10/23

You can find GSTN of company if you can get PAN number of the company/LLP. For that you may check the public documents in MCA. Using the PAN you may find GST number in "search taxpayer" in GST portal.

Otherwise if the company have website etc. you may directly do a google search.


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