watch_later 10/06/18

I need to get DIN. However I see that forms are changed and procedure is not properly explained on MCA.

Can you help me with steps to get DIN number and how to become a director in a company?

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watch_later 10/06/18

MCA has changed the procedure to obtain DIN number.

Now you need to have a company which is going to appoint you as director, unless you are going to be a director in a company you cannot obtain DIN.

Earlier you could get DIN even if you were not supposed to be a director. But under new rules you need an existing company.

There are 2 options to get DIN:

  1. You are promoter of a new company and incorporating the company. You can apply for DIN in Spice form.
  2. An existing company has offered you directorship.

Under first option a person can get DIN by applying in SPICE form.

Under second option person need to fill form DIR-3.

Documents required to obtain DIN are:

  1. PAN
  2. Address proof
  3. Photo

Form DIR-3 should be signed using DSC by applicant and Director/CEO/CS/CFO of existing company offering you directorship.


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