watch_later 14/11/17

Sir,we have two firms,firm 1 and firm 2, our supplier wrongly uploaded the invoices on the Firm 2 GST number instead of firm 1 GST number.We have rejected those invoices at Firm 2 GST portal and submitted the GSTR 2 of Firm 2.Now at Firm 1,we have uploaded all those invoices in "add missing invoices" column.Still we are not getting the ITC for those added invoices.At the GST portal these invoices are showing under title -" Pending Invoices(will be added after validation)" and when we go after clicking the GST number of these added invoices,all invoices are showing "processed with error" in the status.

Now please advise what we have to do now ? should we submit the GSTR 2 for firm 1 also or wait ?How we will get the ITC of these invoices - all these are for July 2017 ?

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