watch_later 15/12/18

I have a credit card bill to be paid. But do not have funds in my bank account.

Can I pay using another credit card or same credit card?

Right now I tried to pay using credit card but unfortunately there is no option to pay credit card bill with another credit card.

It has option to pay with either a debit card or net banking. Why I cannot use my outstanding balance in my credit card to pay my own credit card bill?

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watch_later 16/12/18

You cannot pay credit card bill with another credit card or same credit card, at least directly.

However there are some planning you can use to pay credit card bill with another credit card but it will require some planning at your end.

Here are different methods to pay credit card bill with another credit card:

  1. Withdraw cash using credit card, deposit cash in your credit card and make payment.
  2. Transfer Credit card balance to another credit card as EMI. Credit card companies charge commission on this transfer.
  3. Transfer balance to your Paytm or aother wallet and pay using these wallets.

Most famous strategy used by people is they open a business account with any wallet like Paytm and pay to that wallet using credit card. After payment money is transferred to bank account and from balance in bank account you can pay your credit card bill.

One method used is to swipe card at retail store and ask him to give you cash, normally these stores charge 1% commission. You can pay credit card bill with this cash.

However, do remember that if you pay minimum payable balance credit card company will charge interest on remaining amount at 2-4%. So whatever steps you take to pay your credit card bill with another credit card, remember there is some cost associated with it.

So, compare the cost of payment with non-payment and then take any step.


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