watch_later 10/09/17


By mistakenly I put the wrong data in all other ITC column of Eligible ITC option In GSTR-3B, then I have submitted the GSTR-3B return ,then Payment option is enable and payment lability shows excess Amount, but original payment liability is 2400 which is credited in my cash laser but payment of offset liability is not completed.And also GSTR-1 submitted Correctly.

Therefore I am requesting to give the suggestion how I rectify with correct data in All other ITC Column of Eligible ITC option of GSTR-3B

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watch_later 14/09/17

You cannot rectify GSTR-3B. To submit you have to make payment and submit.

I believe the intention of government with GSTR-3B is to only collect taxes and it will be later rubbished.

Pay the amount and proceed further, I think correct liability will be shown once you file GSTR-3 after filing your GSTR-2 also.


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