watch_later 24/04/18

Many people asked how you can search contact number and details of your tax officer.

In case you forgot your username or password of GST website and lost access to your mobile and Email id, you had to contact GST officer for reset.

However people were not sure how to search contact details or GST officer or GST department.

Now anyone registered under GST can track his GST jurisdictional officer contact details.

To get the contact number of your GST officer:

  1. Login to GST website
  2. Click on Services
  3. Click on User Services
  4. Click on Contacts

Here the details of your GST officer will be listed.

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watch_later 24/04/18

Thank you for listing down how to search contact details of GST department. But unfortunately it is not working at this time.

Just tried with my login id and no data shown.

Here is the screenshot of error and no value in dropdown.

watch_later 25/04/18


watch_later 13/03/21

Is this feature disabled on GST portal, I am not able to search contact. 

Please help.


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