watch_later 15/12/18

I have been employed from almost 4 years and have been paying provident fund from my salary account. I need to withdraw money from my PF account.

What are different ways to withdraw money from PF account?

Can we withdraw PF amount from provident fund account before 5 years?

What is the maturity period of a Provident Fund account and can we withdraw funds before maturity period?


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watch_later 17/12/18

If you are talking about PPF, you should read PPF guide.

In case of employee provident fund, maturity period is 58 years. You can withdraw your full amount once you reach 58 years of age.

You cannot withdraw your amount otherwise. However in certain case you can take advance against your PF balance.

You can withdraw amount for marriage, home loan repayment medical emergency etc. You can also withdraw in case of lose of job. However conditions are that you should have completed 5 years of service. If you are still in job you cannot withdraw money for any purpose other than mentioned above before 5 years.


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