watch_later 10/07/17

We have one specific problem regarding Service Tax being imposed on providing Business Auxiliary Services. We are service provider to some of the international companies and also to Indian companies. Service Tax on Indian company was made applicable ever since the regulation was introduced, we have been regularly collecting service tax on Debit Note we raise on our various principals in India and pay service tax , this we charge separately  while raising Debit Note on our principals.

Can we not get refund of this service tax paid by us on foreign  remittance we receive or we can claim credit  against the service tax which we are paying for Debit Note we are raising on our Indian principals. The basic idea and purpose of service tax is not getting served in our type of case, on  local principal  for services  provided we raise Debit Note, we charge service tax, our principals pay us same and they claim it under Cenvat so there is no loss to us,  

May we request to kindly advise how we can claim refund of  GST which we  pay on remittance received in foreign exchange  from our principals. 

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