watch_later 01/11/17

Hello Friends,

Please answer the following query-

A and B are both registered dealers under GST. A raised a sales invoice to B but forgot to mention B's GST number on the invoice. Since both are registered dealers so B cannot take that invoice under reverse charge. How should B pursue with this entry in GSTR?


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watch_later 02/11/17

If GST number is not entered in invoice, its not an issue. A can upload the sales invoice in GSTR-1 and B will get input credit.

Even if A forgot to enter invoice details in GSTR-1, B can enter details in GSTR-2 and A can accept it.

B should communicate the fault to A to him to accept the invoice.

If A is a big company and does not entertain later requests, nothing can be done.

Same thing happened with me, gave wrong number to a big company at time of purchasing computer. I have filed details in GSTR-2, lets see whether company accepts it or not.

watch_later 04/11/17

Thanks. Two questions here- 1. We did not enter these bills in GSTR as the senior accountant said that since we cannot claim it so don't enter in GSTR but enter it in the books so that we can claim expenses. Is this thing true? 2. Let's say if we enter the bills now, we have paid the exact money for that specific month after entering these bills there will be refund, how to claim the same? What if the big company doesn't accept the bills, what happens then?


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