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I am very happy to introduce Mr. Sabyasachee Dash, who agreed to host informative videos with Knowyourgst.

Knowyourgst which was started with an aim to educate general public about various laws. So far we were able to produce content on Indirect taxation and released various tools, but now we will be focusing on various aspects of legal laws in India.

Every law is framed within framework prescribed by Constitution of India. Constitution is mother of legal system.

Every professional must have understanding of constitution. In an attempt to enhance knowledge about constitution, we requested Sabyasachee Dash to host a series on topic. He agreed and very soon we will see him explaining various aspects of constitution. Here is a brief introduction of Sabyasachee Dash.

Sabyasachee Dash a Prolific Writer. He contributes to several news outlets & journals including the publications by ICAI and ICSI, Statesman, Sunday Guardian, ETCFO, Goa Chronicle, Organiser to name a few.

As a Policy Observer, he also speaks in different forums.

His latest book, titled The Great Bank Robbery published by Rupa Publication received great response. The Book ruled #1 on Amazon under its category. 

He is a Chartered Accountant & Company Secretary with over 2 decades of corporate experience spanning across multiple sectors both in Indian and Multinational organisations.

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watch_later 25/08/23



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