watch_later 14/04/18


We received a Tax Invoice Dated 30.11.2017 and we utilised the input credit in the return for November-2017 itself. But the supplier changed the date to 12.12.2017 and uploaded in his gstr1 for the month of December-2017. The same is the case of another party, tax invoice date is 30.11.2017 but shown in gstr1 for December by changing the date to 01.12.2017

Now how can we rectify this error


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watch_later 15/04/18

You have already availed credit so nothing wrong at your side. You have invoice copy to prove that you did not claim wrong input credit.

However, you cannot do anything now at your side. It is best to preserve copy of invoice with you which you received.

However if you invoices with changed dates, then legally you need to claim input in December GSTR-3B and reverse one which was claimed in November along with interest for one month at 24% PA.


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