watch_later 14/04/18

Hello all,

I have paid a few bills over the past year (since July) in which I am eligible for ITC. I am also able to see some of this in the GSTR-2a listing. However, I am not seeing these when I am calculating the tax. The ITC column is blank. 

- Is this same for all? and is this something the Govt has not enabled?

- if I am know that I have pad, Can you reduce the tax outflow while paying

- By when will we start seeing these entries so that we can seamlessly validate & calculate & make use of the ITC?


Thanks in advance

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watch_later 15/04/18

As of now government has discontinued GSTR-2, so you will see entries in GSTR-2A but this will not flow to your credit ledger.

You need to claim credit for which you have paid in GSTR-3B every month.


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