watch_later 15/09/17

I am a handicraft artisan and I do painting on tshirts, kurta, sari etc and then sell those dresses. I am a Handicraft artisan card holder. My annual turn over is less than 20lacs. I have read in news papers that handicrafts are exceeded from GST. I have a website and I want to sell my products online through my website shopping cart. Should I have to register my business under GST?

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watch_later 15/09/17

If you are planning to sell goods through E-commerce operators, then registration is compulsory.

If you are selling through you own website then registration is compulsory once you cross the turnover of 20 lakhs in a year.

However, if you want to sell all over India or any other state then the state you are located, (interstate outward supply) even then registration is compulsory.

Further you need to carefully check whether items you will be selling are exempted or not. If they are wholly exempted from GST then no registration required. However Nil rate of tax does not mean exempted from GST.


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